I'm not happy with the pricing, how do I update my listing?

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As an active Click&Boat owner, you set the price of your bookings yourself on the platform.

If you think the price in your boat listing is wrong, please check the amounts in your price list and modify it if necessary.

When you receive a new booking request and the price is incorrect, refuse this request and explain the reason to your tenant.

You can also send them a personalised offer from your conversation page on the right-hand side of the screen. This will allow you to define all the parameters of the rental yourself: time, dates, price, etc.


Correct the error in your price list, and if necessary, contact us via the contact form so that we can analyse and correct the situation together.

How do I update my prices?

Go to the "My Listings" section, click on "Edit".

You will have access to all the functions to modify your listing. To modify your prices, click on the "Prices" section. Remember to fill in all the boxes, by clicking on "Advanced pricing options" and "Booking settings"




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