How is the deposit handled in case of a damage report?

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Click&Boat provides a tool for all private owners to manage the deposit via a pre-authorization to debit a certain amount on the tenant's credit card (fingerprint). 

The amount of the deposit is defined by the owner and appears on the listing under the section "Insurance".

Thus, when a tenant books your boat, our platform will register the credit card pre-authorization used for payment.

You agree to not require any form of deposit from the tenant

Owners should declare any damage to Click&Boat within a maximum of 24 hours following the rental via the application or the website only.

Only owners can declare damages.

The owner can submit a claim through the e-contract available on the application.

If you do not have the application, you will have to submit the claim on our website:

  1. Click the "Bookings" tab,
  2. Then go to "In progress" (or "History"),
  3. Click on the relevant booking,
  4. Click on the link "Submit a claim" at the bottom of the page, under the heading "Cancellation conditions


  1. Go to your "Messages" section,
  2. Click the message with the client,
  3. Find the option at the bottom of your conversation.

To complete the damage claim, you will be required to provide:

  • The rental contract,
  • The insurance certificate, 
  • The damage report signed by the tenant and the owner,
  • Photos of the damage.

On the "Damage report" document, owners have to choose between 2 options:

A) Amicable settlement: Click&Boat will not take the deposit from the tenant.
B) The deposit is debited by Click&Boat: Click&Boat will debit the deposit as a precaution while the dispute is being sorted out - a repair estimate must be presented to validate the amount to be deducted from the tenant's deposit.

Professional owners manage their own deposit (cheque or credit card pre-authorization) and their damage report file.

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