Can tenants cancel a rental due to bad weather?

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Tenants can cancel one day (or less) rentals due to bad weather. 

If your rental exceeds one day, you will have to make an agreement with the owner.

Please keep in mind that a weather cancellation must be approved by the owner: we always advise you to contact the owner before sending your cancellation request!

To send a cancellation request due to bad weather:

  1. Go to your Click&Boat account under "My Bookings",
  2. Click on "Access" and then click on "Cancel Booking".
  3. In the drop-down menu, select "weather reason". This action automatically cancels the rental and the owner is immediately notified.

** Caution: your booking is not canceled until you have received the message confirming that the owner has accepted your request.**

Fees may apply as detailed in this article.

Note that you can also agree with the owner to postpone the booking to a later date and inform us of the change.

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