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As a boat owner on our platform, boosting the visibility of your boat listing is crucial to attract more renters and increase your bookings. In this guide, we will explore various strategies and features that can help improve your listing's ranking in our search algorithm, ensuring it stands out to potential customers.

Section 1: Enhancing Your Listing

Having a complete and attractive listing will help you to increase the number of bookings, and improve the conversion of such clients.

The main features you need to include in your listing are:

a) High-Quality Pictures: Capture the beauty of your boat at sea with captivating images. High-quality pictures will attract renters and create a positive first impression.

b) Detailed Description: Provide a comprehensive and engaging description of your boat, highlighting its features and unique selling points. A well-written description can make your listing more appealing to potential renters. Also include as many details as possible on the service you will provide, and on the final costs for the client.

c) Display an Affordable Price: Pricing plays a significant role in attracting renters. Offering competitive and reasonable rates will lead more customers to consider your boat. In case of doubts we suggest looking for the rates of similar products in your area.

d) Updated calendars: Maintaining an updated calendar is crucial to optimizing incoming inquiries and converting them into bookings. Ensure your availability is accurate to capture more bookings, generate more revenue, and optimize the time investment on Click&Boat.


Section 2: Reactivity

Being reactive is key to converting incoming requests into bookings. Make sure to answer incoming messages in the shortest time possible.

To ensure that you have the means to be reactive and ease the booking process of tenants we provide several solutions:

  • Mobile version of the website: Click&boat can be accessed from all smartphones with an optimized version for mobile devices and also by downloading our APP
  • Personalized offer and pre-acceptance features


Section 3: Attractiveness

We have several features that can help you increase the attractiveness of your listings, and make your boat more visible to our customers:

a) Instant Booking: Instant Booking is a game-changer for both hosts and guests. Activate Instant Booking to allow tenants to book your boat directly, leading to increased conversions and a stress-free booking experience. This feature offers several advantages, including less work for hosts, improved listing placement in search results, and up to a 20% increase in bookings. 

b) Discounts: Implement discounts to attract renters during specific periods or conditions. Boats with discounts are highlighted, increasing their chances of being booked.

On Click&Boat we have several solutions to help you propose the discounts you need, you will find the specifics in the following page.

c) Super Owner Status: Aim to become a Super Owner by being responsive and popular on the platform. Super Owners' listings are well-ranked and featured prominently in search results, increasing visibility.


Section 4: The Click&Boat Algorithm - Working with it

Our Algorithm rewards clear, complete, and appealing listings, as well as responsive owners who convert messages into bookings.

We track performance through several Key performance indicators. The more incoming inquiries you convert, the more the algorithm will reward you!

See our webinar for more detailed information:

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