What is the "return in the morning" option, and how does it impact the price?

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By default, and for all types of boats, the system will automatically set the check-in time at 9 am, and the check-out time at 6 pm.

However, you can decide to change and personalize the check-in and check-out times - to do so, please:

  1. Log into your Click&Boat account,
  2. Click on "Listings" > then click on "Modify", and finally click on the "Reservation" tab. 



The option "return in the morning" allows you to rent out the boat again the same day.

With this option, you can have the boat returned in the morning, for instance, to do the cleaning, which will then allow you to rent the boat out again later in the afternoon to a different client.

This option also allows you to offer cheaper rates as it makes your boat available for an additional rental that day.



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