Offer promotional discount(s) on my listing

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You can offer a promotional discount (or a few) on your listing and it will greatly be appreciated by your tenants. 

You can add promotions to your listing and remove them at any time.

Here is the way to do it: 

  1. log into your account and
  2. go to your listing settings

You can add 3 different types of promotions:

  • Standard promotions
    • For bookings made in advance, in order to encourage renters to book your boat earlier in the season. 
    • For last-minute bookings to attract renters who are seeking last-minute deals. 
  • Promotions related to the length of the stay
    • For long-term bookings, starting from 2 days or more.
  • Advanced promotions
    • To set a tailor-made promotion

**Please note: if you set several promotions on your listing, they can add up on a tenant's booking (for instance, a booking made in advance promo + a long-term booking promo). 

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