Net earning after the commission has been deducted (and commission invoice)

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How much will I earn per rental? 

As an owner, you set the price of your rentals on the platform using the 'edit' tool on your listing.

To find out how much you will receive, simply deduct the Click&Boat commission percentage from the price displayed on the site, which is max. 23% (unless otherwise agreed). 

In the "Price" section of your listing, the tenant's price and the net amount you will receive are displayed.

This percentage of commission is fixed and remains the same whatever the amount of the rental. It is calculated on the boat rental price, excluding insurance and possible options.

Furthermore, if a tenant benefits from a promotional code offered by Click&Boat, your net income is not affected.

The promotional code is only valid on the Click&Boat commission.

To evaluate your rental income, we have provided you with a Simulator.

When is the commission deducted? 

The commission is applied as soon as a booking is confirmed.

When the tenant makes a booking, either directly from the page of your listing or via a personalized offer sent by message, the total tenant amount displayed includes the commission. It is therefore the gross rental amount. The net amount is the amount you will receive, i.e. the gross amount minus the commission

Where can I find the commission invoice? 

You can download the invoice for this commission at any time from the "My Bookings" section (and from the section "History" under My Bookings, if the rental has already happened).

This invoice shows the amount of the Click&Boat commission, including VAT.


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