Download a summary of all my bookings & payments received

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You can download a summary of all your bookings & payments received directly from your account! 

From your Click&Boat account, you must go to "My bookings", where you can find the complete history of all your bookings accepted on the site.

This is an Excel file that you can download (see image below) which includes:

  • the dates and booking IDs of all your bookings;
  • the boat booked;
  • the amount paid and the date of payment.

All Bookings



The amount of your bookings is divided into two columns: 

  • the gross amount of the charter, i.e. the total amount paid by the tenant;
  • the net amount of the charter, i.e. the amount you receive directly into your bank account after deduction of the Click&Boat commission. You should therefore add up the amounts in this column to find out the total income from your charters. 



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