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Taxes... not easy to find your way around but don't worry!


What are your obligations when you rent your boat in France? Below you will find detailed explanations that may be useful to you as an owner on Click & Boat. This information is provided based on the information currently available and in effect as of February 7, 2019.

If, after reading these elements, you still have questions, we recommend that you contact your tax office.

Income tax return
Do you have to declare your income when you rent your boat?

Yes, from the first euro. When you rent your boat on platforms, the income you receive is taxable and must be declared to the tax authorities as part of your annual tax return.

The following article published by the information service of the Ministry of Economy and Finance provides more information.

Where can I find the details of my Click & Boat income?

In your owner's account, you can access the summary of your gross income generated via the platform. The amount of this income is to be reported according to the specific procedures of the tax return.

What is the tax regime applied to the rental of goods on Click & Boat?

You can choose between several tax methods, depending on your income levels. Nevertheless, the method known as "micro-BIC" is, in the opinion of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the "simplest method and the most adapted to occasional rentals".

You can benefit from the "micro-BIC" regime if your annual income is less than 70 000€, you then benefit from an automatic flat rate deduction of 50% on your income.

Another option is to declare your income under the main tax method. However, the real method is more complex and more adapted to professional activities.

This method allows you to declare your income by deducting the amount of your expenses related to your boat. However, it imposes certain accounting constraints such as the obligation to declare and pay VAT.

To learn more, we invite you to consult the summary sheet of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, on the declaration of income from the rental of goods, and the two methods concerned.

How much tax will I have to pay if I declare my income as "micro-BIC" ?

It all depends on the income you generate via Click & Boat. Here is the example of an owner renting their motor boat occasionally on the platform:

  • Michel earns €2000 by renting their motorboat occasionally
  • They automatically benefit from a 50% tax deduction, and pays taxes on 50% of their gross annual income, at the rate determined by their tax bracket
  • If Michael's tax rate is 14%, this is equivalent to : (2000 x 50%) x 14% = 1€40 of income tax
  • If Michael's tax rate is 30%, this is equivalent to (2000 x 50%) x 30% = €300 of income tax

Do I have to pay social security contributions if I rent my boat ?

This depends on the nature and frequency of your activity as well as the income you generate. As explained by the URSSAF or the Public Service and Social Security portal, social contributions are only due when your income exceeds €8105 per year.

You will find more information on your possible social obligations in this summary sheet.

Am I concerned if I rent out my boat as 'co-navigation' ?

Income not intended to earn money but to share expenses is not taxable, which means that the amounts received do not have to be declared to the tax authorities.

However, there are certain criteria that must be met, as explained in this summary.

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