Owner's cancellation and tenant's refund

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Owners should commit to honoring all accepted bookings. 

If you cancel the booking, the tenant is fully refunded. 

By exception, in case of a weather cancellation by the owner, the tenant is only refunded the total amount of the net owner. The Click&Boat service fees are not refunded (between 10 and 23% of the rental price). 

You should only cancel a reservation in case of force majeure:

  • If the weather conditions do not allow safe sailing (cancellation for bad weather conditions). Both the Owner and Tenant can decide to cancel for bad weather. In the event the tenant cancels for bad weather, the owner accepts it (or can refuse it if the weather allows safe sailing). 
  • If your boat has suffered damage or breakdown preventing any navigation.

Please note that we have implemented a new cancellation policy to limit last-minute cancellations from owners and build trust in Click&Boat. 

We apply cancellation penalties when owners cancel a booking without a valid reason. 

How to cancel a booking?

I you wish to cancel your booking:

  1. Go to your Click&Boat account and click on "Bookings".
  2. Select the booking you wish to cancel and click on "Access",
  3. Click on "Cancel reservation" and select the reason for cancellation.

If you are forced to cancel due to damage, please remember to update your calendar under "My Listings", then "Edit", then "My Calendar".

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