We are in dispute with the owner, what should we do?

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Disputes between owners and tenants can concern many issues: condition of the boat, timetables, claims...

Of course, we always recommend dialogue between the two parties. Click&Boat advises you to always keep a written record of your exchanges with the owner (e-mail, sms...) so that you can decide if a commitment was made before the rental and is not respected by the owner.

Do not hesitate to contact us, but keep in mind that the contract is signed between the tenant and the owner, and that Click&Boat, as a platform for putting people in touch with each other, is not in a position to arbitrate disputed situations without proof. Just like Airbnb or Gumtree, for example, in the event of a dispute that we cannot manage, we will advise you to appeal to the competent legal authorities. 

However, we will do our utmost to open a dialogue between you, and mediate as much as possible. 


If you have reported a damage to Click&Boat and have chosen the option of having the deposit handled by Click&Boat (option B on the claim), the owner will have to provide the repair quotation in order to estimate the amount to be deducted from the deposit as a precaution.


Any dispute between the owner and the tenant, in particular as to the existence of and/or responsibility for the damage and/or the amount of the repairs, must be submitted to the competent courts.


Therefore, if you dispute the quotation, or disagree with the owner, you and/or the owner may request the intervention of an expert to determine the cause and origin of the damage. The cost of the expert will be paid by the person requesting his intervention.

If you decide not to call in an expert, we will process your claim by reviewing the documents submitted as part of the claim.

Click&Boat will only pay the amount of the security deposit to the owner on presentation of the final invoice or a pro forma invoice, unless both parties agree otherwise.


Users understand and accept that Click&Boat shall not be required to act as mediator or arbitrator in the event of any dispute between users. 

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