How is the deposit managed?

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On each listing, the owner indicates an amount of deposit necessary in the event of an accident occurring during the rental on the boat.

You can find this information at the bottom of the owner's listing in the "Conditions" section.

For private owners, Click&Boat offers a tool for managing the deposit by pre-authorising the tenant's credit card. This pre-authorisation does not generate any movement on your bank account and is not debited during the reservation.

In the event of a claim, the private owner asks Click&Boat to open a claim case which will then automatically send an email to the owner with the renter in copy in order to follow-up on the dispute.

In any case, Click&Boat does not take part in investigating the claim and will always ask the owner to document their request (rental contract, damage report, invoice, estimate, photos, etc.).

We invite you to consult the page on the steps to follow in the event of a claim.


For rentals with a professional owner, the owner manages their own deposit (check or credit card pre-authorisation) and their claim case.

**Our advice: take all the time you need at the start and end of the rental to complete the check-in and check-out checklist and sign the documents specifying any damage or concerns. Photos and videos are always useful when taking control of the boat, but also when returning it.


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