Can I cancel a "pending" booking request without being charged?

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As long as your booking request is "pending", meaning that it has not been accepted by the owner, you can cancel it without charge.

How does a tenant cancel a pending booking request?

  1. Go to your Click&Boat account under "Bookings". 
  2. Click on "Access" and then "Cancel Request".

When you submit a booking request on Click&Boat, the reservation amount is pre-authorized by our system to confirm that you have the funds to pay for the reservation. 

We only take a "fingerprint" of your card at the time of your booking request. Therefore, no money is debited until the booking request is accepted by the owner.

Please be assured that if the owner refuses/do not respond to your request, the amount that has been pre-authorized on your credit card when making your booking request will be released back to you.

Please contact your bank to find out how long it may take for this transaction to appear on your account.

You are only charged if the owner accepts your booking. 


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