Why is my Card debited but I have no booking?

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You recently made a booking request and have noticed that your card has been charged, but you cannot see the booking reflected on your profile. We would like to provide you with some clarification.


At Click&Boat, we prioritize the security of our users. To ensure a secure environment, we have implemented a credit card fingerprinting system for when you as a tenant submit booking requests to owners. This fingerprint serves as a security measure, allowing us to proceed with the necessary payment if the owner accepts your booking.


During the fingerprinting process, a temporary pre-authorization of the funds is captured on your card. It's important to note that these funds are not debited at this stage; instead, they are held to guarantee payment in case the booking is accepted. In most cases, this pre-authorization is automatically released within 72 hours.


If you notice that the pre-authorization has not been released after 72-hours, we kindly ask you to contact our support team. We will promptly assist you and take the necessary steps to release the pre-authorization from your card.


In the event that the owner accepts your booking request, the pre-authorized amount will be debited from your card, and the previously captured fingerprint will serve as the payment for the transaction. However, if the owner declines the booking, rest assured that the fingerprint will be promptly released and deleted from your card. This ensures that no charges are made, and the funds will become available again.

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