Should a tenant send a booking request if the owner hasn't responded to their messages yet?

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Patience is a virtue!

It is important to ask the boat owner all your questions about the boat you wish to book.

If the boat owner doesn't respond to your questions, you can always send them a booking request.

However, if you send a booking request before receiving the answers to your questions, you take the risk of your booking request being accepted, when you are not 100% certain that this is the right boat for you. 

In order to avoid this situation, we invite you to contact other boat owners on the platform for similar boats, who might be more reactive.

On that note, please keep in mind that boat owners who have a good response rate and positive reviews from previous tenants usually own the "Super Owner" badge. 

If you wish to rent several boats for the same date, make sure to select the option "I want to rent several boats".


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