Difference between a booking with or without a captain

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A booking "with a captain" means that the boat owner or a professional skipper will be with you during your cruise.

A booking "without captain" means that you will be renting the boat without supervision. You will be responsible for the boat for the entire duration of the rental and therefore you must have the appropriate license required to take charge of the boat.

Make sure to complete your sailing CV to confirm your marine experience and to further reassure the boat owner - who has the right to accept or decline each booking request for their boat.

When the boat owner offers a rental "with or without a captain", the two options are available.

If you choose to rent the boat without a captain, the owner will make his choice considering your cruise request (tailor-made cruise, family outing, training for a regatta, celebratory events, sailing weekends), if you have a sailing license and your overall sailing experience. 

**Our advice:

  • If you choose to book "without captain", always confirm that your license or sailing CV allows you to sail without a professionl captain provided by the boat owner.
  • If you are renting "with captain", always confirm the price of a skipper with the boat owner before making the booking

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