How to complete the rental contract and the checklist?

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You can download your pre-filled contract from your Click&Boat account, under "My Bookings" section or from the application.

The rental contract must be signed by the tenant and the owner on the day of the rental when the booking begins.

(You can also complete the content/condition checklist from our mobile application, using our e-contract).

Check in checklist: To be carried out before handing over the keys of the boat to the tenant, the checklist must be signed and dated by both parties. For an intermediate-sized sailboat, allow 1 to 2 hours to carry out a complete check of the contents and get started. It is your responsibility as the owner to ensure that the boat is seaworthy when handing over the keys, and you should never rely on a tenant to add engine oil, change or refill the starting water tank.

You must take note of, in the presence of the tenant, all dents, scratches, splinters, etc that can be seen by both parties. It is equally essential to take photos of the boat and any damages already present.


Check out checklist: Add any dents, damages and defects that you find to your copy of the check out list.  Mention fluid levels and leave comments on the overall condition of the boat. Again, it is also essential to take pictures of the boat.

It is imperative to complete and sign the check in list and the rental contract together with the tenant.

**Our advice: Do not underestimate the amount of time required to carry out the check in and check out checklist.**



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