Click&Boat advises private owner against using their own contract

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Click&Boat takes care of your rental contract!

But if you insist on using your own contract, follow the guide: 

Private owners:

If you are a private owner, Click&Boat provides you with a rental contract, as well as a damage report for each reservation confirmed on the platform.

You do not have to draw up your own contract.

You can find this contract in your "Bookings" section:

  1. Find your booking,
  2. Click on Access,
  3. Click on "Download contract".

If you want to edit your own contract, you have to make sure that it respects all our general terms and conditions of sale.

You can find our "Terms and conditions" at the bottom of our website landing page, on the left in the black section. 

Please keep in mind that if any damage occurs during the rental and your contract does not strictly follow our terms and conditions, we will not legally be allowed to intervene.

Also, if you use your own contract, you are not allowed to ask for a deposit on the day of the rental, in the form of a check for example.

Professional owners:

If you are a professional owner, your contract takes precedence over the rental contract provided by Click&Boat. You must therefore use your own contract for your Click&Boat rentals.


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