What should I prepare and check on the day of the rental?

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Before each rental, you must carefully prepare your boat (cleaning, necessary safety items, etc.).

Also remember to set an appointment time with your tenant for the check-in and remain available so that they can easily contact you.

Before the day of the rental, you can print the rental contract in duplicate if you don't want to fill it out online from the app.


On the day of the rental:

  • Check the tenant's ID
  • Check the credit card used for payment on the platform
  • Check the tenant's original boat license.
  • Complete and sign the checkin of the rental 
  • Sign the rental contract together

You can also make the check-in from our mobile application, using our e-contract.

We advise you to take all the time necessary to do the check-in, and to complete it with photos and/or videos.

All these steps are listed on your checklist, which you can download from your account, "Bookings" section, by clicking on "Access" and then "Download the contract".



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