Choose the departure and return days of my charters

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You can choose on which days you want your charters to depart and return. For example, if you are only available on weekends, choosing departures only on Saturdays and Sundays is possible.

From your account, click on "Listings", then "Edit",  and go to the "Price" section of your listing.

In the "Reservation settings" drop-down menu, you can choose the departure day and configure the minimum rental duration.


For example, if you choose Saturday as the departure day and a minimum rental duration of 7 days, you will have to configure a return on the next Saturday.

If you have several price periods, don't forget to check the box "Apply to all periods".

In case you have a specific request from a tenant, you can send them a personalized offer at any time via your "Messages" and choose your departure and return day, without changing your settings.

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