The tenant asks for an invoice, what should I do?

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As a professional owner, it is up to you to edit and provide the invoice of the full amount to your tenant.

As Click&Boat is not a part of the contract and only serves as an intermediary in the booking process, we cannot legally send an invoice to the tenant, but we do provide a receipt of payment.


Your invoice must display:

  • the word "invoice",
  • the invoice number (which can be the same as the reservation number),
  • the date of issue of the invoice,
  • your name or the company name of your establishment,
  • the address of the head office, as well as the billing address (if different),
  • the VAT number, the SIREN number (only for France) and the legal form of your company (if it is the case)
  • the name and contact details of the customer (if the billing address and the delivery address are different, you must fill in both)
  • the customer's VAT identification number if they are a professional,
  • the total amount paid by the tenant (rental price including Click&Boat commission)*,
  • the terms of payment (payment deadlines, amount of any deposit),

*If the tenant has subscribed to an insurance at the time of booking, Click&Boat will provide them with an invoice for the amount of this insurance.


If you spot some discrepancies with the commission percentage in our invoice, please check out this article.

You can always find the Tenant total amount to invoice in the "Gross amount (€)" column of the Summary of your bookings.
It can be downloaded from this page


If you are a private owner, you will not be able to issue an invoice, the same way you cannot ask for an invoice from a private seller on Gumtree for example.


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