Fake Website in Our Name

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Dear Click&Boat Users, 

We have been made aware that fake websites are reaching out to some of you via Instagram or WhatsApp to perform fake reviews and evaluations. 


It is our priority to have the website taken down and report the accounts to Instagram as a scam and we have no affiliation with them.  


They offer you a job and ask you to invest money. Do NOT provide them with your contact details nor send any money! 


Please note: Click&Boat will never ask you: 

1. invest money to apply for a job 

2. Leave reviews without being an active user

3. our job offers are always through official websites (LinkedIn and Welcome to the Jungle)


If you have been contacted by one of them, we recommend blocking their number and/or reporting their account to Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp). 



We remain at your disposal if you have any further questions! 


Your Click&Boat Team.


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