How do I get the booking contract ?

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In the case of a booking with a private owner :

You will receive your rental contract by e-mail upon confirmation of your booking, along with an inventory of the checks to be made (checklist used for the inventory of fixtures). You can also find this contract from your "Booking" space, then by clicking on "Download the contract".

The contract contains the following information: 

  • Personal information filled in by the owner and the renter
  • Boat booked and exact location of the boat
  • Dates and times of the booking
  • Total price paid by the renter
  • Amount of the deposit
  • Inventory of fixtures on arrival and departure
  • Damage report

In the case of a rental with a professional owner :

The professional owners use their own contract. They will send it to you, either before the rental, or on the day of the rental.


In each case, the rental contract must be signed by the tenant and the owner on the day of the booking .


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