Do you offer insurance for Covid-19?

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In collaboration with our partner ALLIANZ/Mondial Assistance, we have improved our insurance by adding a Covid guarantee. You can plan ahead and sail peacefully!

When you book a boat on Click&Boat, you have the option to add two types of insurance that cover epidemics, including Covid-19. 

The Mondial insurance is offered in two versions: 

  • Cancellation and Medical Assistance
  • or Medical Assistance only.

Here are the conditions for the two insurances:

  • Cancellation :
    • Illness or accident (of the tenant or a relative), medically certified.
    • Death (of the tenant or a relative)
    • Professional situations (for the tenant or a relative: getting a new job or being fired).
    • Situations related to studies (resitting an exam, getting a paid internship).
    • Unexpected personal situation (burglary, fire, water damage, or damage to a vehicle less than two days before the trip).
    • Accident or breakdown on the way to the location of departure.
    • Cancellation or modification of paid holidays by your employer.

Maximum cover: €6500.

  • Medical assistance:
    • Repatriation: In case of illness/accident/death, transport to the country of origin.
    • Early return: In case of the death of a relative or major damage to the client's home/farm/business, transport back home is covered.
    • Passenger assistance: If passengers cannot continue sailing due to a covered situation (including quarantine), several options are available: transportation of the remaining passengers to their home OR travel expenses of the replacement skipper.
    • Medical expenses abroad: In case of illness, or accident (limit of €15,000).

The proposed insurance also works in case of illness/death due to pandemic:

  • Cancellation: possible if the insured or a relative is Covid-19 positive and wants to cancel the rental. Also possible in case of quarantine.
  • Medical assistance: also provided in the event of an illness such as Covid-19, for repatriation, early return, and repatriation of the body.

Please note that the following events are NOT covered:

  • Fear of traveling.
  • A decision by the authorities to ban travel and/or close borders.
  • Travel against the advice of the authorities.
  • Lockdown.

Please note that in order to extend the coverage of the crew, it is mandatory to include them in the crew list.

Finally, the full terms and conditions of the Cancellation & Medical Assistance insurance can be found HERE.



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