Tenants can subscribe to a weather guarantee

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The guarantee allows tenants to be protected against bad weather! 

Click&Boat offers you the possibility to subscribe to a weather guarantee when you pay for:

  1. bookings of one day or less, and
  2. bookings of less than 5500€.

This guarantee entitles you to a full refund, including Click&Boat's service fee and commission.

It can be used if a Special Weather Warning (BMS in France) is issued by the maritime authorities, or if you and the owner feel that sailing is not an option.

** It is important to note that, in this second case (without a Special Weather Warning issued) the owner must provide their agreement.**

If you have not subscribed to the weather guarantee and you and/or the owner cancel the rental due to weather conditions, you will be refunded the total amount of your booking, excluding service fees and Click&Boat commission, which will be credited to your Click&Boat account for a future rental as a voucher.

When booking with a professional owner, the professional owner's contractual terms and conditions apply.


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