The boat broke down during the rental period, what should I do?

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In the case of a breakdown during the rental, please ensure the safety of the people on board and if necessary contact the SNSM (The National Lifeboat Society).


If the breakdown is due to poor maintenance or use, and if it causes an interruption during a rental of more than 2 hours, for a one-day rental, or more than 23 hours for a multi-day rental, the tenant may request the cancellation and reimbursement of their reservation.

If you decide to continue with the rental, you will no longer be able to request a refund of the rental price, for any reason relating to this reservation.


If the breakdown is due to a mishandling of the boat, the owner will have to request the opening of a damage report within 24 hours maximum following the rental via the application or the website only.

Only the owner may report a damage from their Click&Boat account, under the section "My Bookings", by clicking on the link "Report a damage".

All damages reports received by telephone, email or chat will not be considered.

We invite you to check the page concerning the process to follow to declare a damage.


Any damage report received by telephone, email or chat will not be taken into account.

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