What are the differences between private owners and professional owners?

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There are several differences between private owners and professional owners: 

  • Payment

Click&Boat will process your payment the day following the first day of your rental, please keep in mind that Click&Boat initiates bank transfers:

  • Mondays and Thursdays from the 1st of October to the 30th of April
  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from the 1st of May to the 30th of September.

The timescale on receiving payments will depend on your bank and geographical location, in general it will be between 2 and 5 days. 

After this period, we invite you to check the IBAN registered on your account, and finally to contact us via the contact form if you still have not received your payment. 

If you are a professional owner, you will receive payment for your booking according to the payment conditions you defined with Click&Boat when you validated your account as a professional. Please note that all one-day rentals are paid the day after the rental. 

  • Contracts

If you are a private owner, Click&Boat will provide a standard rental contract as well as a damage report for each booking accepted on the platform. Therefore you don't need to provide your own contract.

You can find this contract in your Click&Boat account by clicking "Bookings", then "Download the contract". 

If you are a professional owner, your contract takes precedence over the rental contract provided by Click&Boat. Therefore you must provide your own contract for your Click&Boat rentals.

  • Invoices

For each booking, you can download the invoice for a rental made through Click&Boat from the "My Bookings" section (or in "History" if the rental has already taken place).

This invoice shows the amount of commission taken by Click&Boat, including VAT.

Like with the contracts, professional owners must provide their own invoice showing the total amount of the rental and send it to their clients.

  • Damages & Disputes

If renting with a private owner, the deposit is managed by Click&Boat, by taking a digital imprint of the card used during the payment of your booking.

This digital imprint does not take any money from your bank account and the card is not debited during the booking either. Only if a damage claim case is raised is this deposit taken.

In the event of a damage dispute, the private owner will ask Click&Boat to open a damage claim case  that will automatically send an email to both the owner and the renter in order to proceed with the dispute.

In each case, Click&Boat does not decide the outcome and will always ask the owner to provide documentation for their dispute request (rental contract, damage report, invoice, quotes, photos, etc.).

For rentals with a professional owner, the professional owner deals with the deposit and payment conditions themselves, therefore Click&Boat cannot intervene in any case.

  • Cancellation Conditions : 

The cancellation conditions are decided by the owner and are indicated on the boat listing. Private owners have a choice of options that can be found under this link.

When a renter cancels a booking, Click&Boat commit to reimbursing the rental amount according to the cancellation conditions applicable, minus the Click&Boat commission and service charges.

For rentals with a professional owner, their cancellation conditions apply, which can also be found on the boat listing. For these rentals, it is the owner who fully manages their cancellation conditions, and therefore both Click&Boat and the tenant must respect them.

We always advise you to communicate with the owner to confirm their cancellation conditions before making your booking.




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