Modify my booking and keep the tenant updated

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If you wish to make any modification(s) to your booking (e.g.adding/removing equipment, or changing the location):

  1. Use the Click&Boat Messenger tool (via the app or computer) to inform the Tenant of any change(s) that will occur
  2. Once you have received the tenant's validation, go to your account, click on "Bookings" and then click on "Modify my booking":
  • If the tenant accepts these changes, the booking will be corrected and maintained by our Customer Care Team.
  • If the tenant does not accept these changes, Click&Boat may ask you to cancel the booking and will fully refund the Tenant. 

* Our advice: please inform the renter via the internal Click&Boat messenger, but also by phone, so you keep proof of that communication and make sure that the tenant received the message. 


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